Who is Chicken of Colors??

Spring obviously planted some seeds in my brain!

I normally take the colors from my palette, when I am done for the moment or the day, so they would not dry and be wasted (I usually cover my palette with cling foil, so the colors stay moist, but sometimes I cannot go back painting for some days) and I take a palette knife and smear the leftovers on some paper.

This time it came out so colorful, it just inspired me to make an AJ page out of it. I also had some magazine cutouts flying about, that fitted in perfectly, some stencil work, some stamps, some doodling and writing. Because of the beautiful chicken the quote was found quickly: Who is Chicken of Colors.

I always get lost in some parts of pictures, structures or color combinations, so I include a clipping of the page.

Thanks for looking in.

chickencolor chickencolorausschnitt

11 Antworten zu “Who is Chicken of Colors??

    • Thank you Alison. Yes you are right. That´s why I had to keep it, and that chicken was made for it and the colors of the bottles just fit in perfect. The rest was just playing. It is nice not having to think what you are doing. This was relaxing.

    • Thank you so much, Sharon! Glad you liked it!!
      I wanted to leave a comment on your page, but it did not work out. What a pity, your work is really stunning!

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