Prompt6ix/10 this time a digital try

Although I love to work with Photoshop it is years (because of my illness) that I worked with it. This time I give it a try with the weekly challenge. This piece is completely digital, background self developed structures, a scan from one of my tags, tape and kaleidoscope found in internet.

We had to use 1. lyrics – I hope a self made nonsens Haiku will do. 2. museum – the word is clear to see (I hope). 3. kaleidoscope – in the word museum 4. tag – a scanned painted tag. 5. lime green – in the background and the tape, 6. tape – washi tape.

I will answer Pams question about how the lettering „MUSEUM“ was made. I hope my answer will work for you, because I have an old Photoshop and the commands are in german, so the translation may look funny somehow. But here we go:

You need two layers. Your picture (here the kaleidoscope) and the writing. Take a bold lettering and then choose the word (use the  menu on top where it says load choice (?)), the letters will have a dotted contour then. Keep the choice from this layer and make the layer with the picture active. You will see this white outline on your picture. Then turn around the choice, so you choose the area around your word and delete. Left over is a word made out of the picture. Thats all. But I am quite sure the newer Photoshops will have readymade routines for that.

When the word is finished I put a dark outline and a little shadow on it, so you could see it more clearly.

For Photoshop you will have to invest some time and learn the basics. It is made for pros and has so many features, many of them you will never use. Reading the manual helps and then just go ahead and play.

Thanks for coming by and have fun!


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