The Journey page 7

Now there it is, my weaker self, frolicking in his own little world! I can tell you only one thing, for some time it worked very well, it left me alone, having his own little adventures in his own little world. But then it started peering over my shoulder, being a little bored again. Do you have any suggestions, on what to do to amuse my weaker self and keep it busy? Maybe you have a nice place for it? Any suggestions?

Anyway, construction of the page is as usual with the only new inventions: the piggy is a smaller copy of the one on page 5 and on the right hand side is a piece of self printed very thin paper (forgot how you call it).



3 Antworten zu “The Journey page 7

  1. i think you mean to call it tissue paper!
    love the little piggy~hund! so cute!
    i love all your art! you are great – so tell that ‚weaker‘ self to mind it’s own business, you are doing just fine without it! have a super day!

    • Elisabeth, it is so nice so see your friendly comments on this page. Thank you! You are right, it is called tissue paper – great stuff! And you are also right just to tell that weaker self to mind its own business. I will do that. A wonderful day to you too, although it is a new one now.

  2. ha! i finally got to comment (the facebook login didn’t work) but i got through with an e-mail!

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