The Circus is in Prompt6ix!

The circus! This prompt brings back memories of childhood with all kinds of colors, orchestra music, the smell of animals, sawdust, popcorn etc. – pure excitement!

This was my major motto and I could not let go. I painted my background white gesso and when almost dry the desired lemon yellow. As I had the vintage type circus in mind I put some dark brown pigments on top of the wet paint for the grunge expression I needed. Then dark red mixed with a little dark brown (I usually mix my colors) for the painted stripes.

Then I started searching for photos in the internet and found a lot vintage stuff, but as soon I found these 2 clowns, that was it. One so cheerful and happy, the other one absolutely negativ. When I took a close look to the photos in the internet I saw people trying to look happy, but the surrounding, their lodging looked very poor.

So that is what I had to find these guys – there are always two sides! But I think you got the message anyway. So I said bye-bye colors and bright lights and followed my feeling. To meet the challenge and use all prompts I had to use some text which fitted well into the concept, so I could use the words circus, sparkle, definition and fabric (I almost forgot about that one) . I apologize for that terrible handwriting, but I am taking a class to change that. I am not sure if it works though :-).

The prints were  pasted with matte media. For the grungy lights I used acrylic pen, also for the text. Thats it.



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