Share the „secrets“

Dear art lovers! I was thinking half of the night, what the secrets are.

There is nothing like a recipe book. I usually paint pictures – some of them you can see on my portfolio. The first thing I learned was to paint a background. Just take some colors and put them on the paper, with a brush, with your hands, with a palette knife, a brayer, some cardboard – take what you have. The best rule – there is no rule, just you. But knowing all this does not really help.

I went to a summer academy for many years, all possible styles and directions. I took classes from artists directly at their studios and I took video tutorials and still are, because I have such a lot to learn. For a quick result the best thing is: video tutorials – if you cannot go to an art school.

I told you that I started with art journaling last September during a terrible vacation. I found a real treasure: the tutorials from Roben-Marie Smith. Here is the link: She has 15 (!) art journaling videos and many more about all kinds of lovely stuff. This is my recommendation: watch and then play! Because everyone is different and has a different approach to painting. Roben-Marie Smith shows you so many techniques – you will be busy for the next few months.

You see the real secret is none. It is taking your time, having fun, always be curious, and when you don´t like your picture – go work on it. One of my teachers told me: a rotten picture is always a wonderful background. She is right. Painting over a picture – practically destroying  it gives it much more depth, even if you don´t see it, it is there.

If you have any questions, where I can be of any help – just talk to me.


6 Antworten zu “Share the „secrets“

  1. Thank you for posting this..I just started getting into art journaling as a new years resolution..I started with doodles..and now have started painting..I love it. I had been watching videos non-stop trying to figure out that the secret is..the answer is so simple. There is no secret. Thank you so much for the encouragment! I am so happy I came across your blog 🙂

    • Thank you so much for looking in. You are so right, there is no secret. Just blood, sweat and tears – and fun hahaha! Honestly the secret is just do it with passion. Getting information, going to classes helps a lot, but really, the main thing is: to feel good. Have fun!

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