The Journey page 1

This is actually the 2. page but the words on page 1 where only meant for me, so I keep it private. I hope you understand. These are my first tries (I should have entered it as gaudy page)on art journaling and I am talking about my depressions, I preferred to call it melancholy. So it seemed more like a frightened little puppy to me, which I could take into a snuggly place, drink some tea and hug each other. And it worked. As soon as I started to like my melancholy, it went away!

The puppy is a photo, painted over, a technique I use frequently, which gives quick results.


2 Antworten zu “The Journey page 1

  1. I too, have suffered with melancholy in the past. My art has brought me back to life. I think your journal is wonderful and I really like the tag.

    • Boo, thank you for your kind words. I am thankful Tammy brought us all together, I think we have each other a lot to give. If you like my tag, just click on the daWanda logo, there is more :-).

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