how I discovered art journaling

Art journaling is quite new to me. It came into my life in september 2012.

We were in Denmark on vacation. We usually have great holidays at that time of the year. The weather is warm enough to go swimming in the sea, it is mostly sunny and dry.  We have 2 dogs who love to be at the beach (so do we) so we always rent a house close to it.

But this time was different. The house was not clean, and all kinds of things did not work including whirlpool, stereo set and TV. This would not be the big thing, if we could have gone out to the beach, as usual. But the weather was miserable. It was so stormy, that especially at nights I was frightened to death.

The worst thing was, one of our dogs became very sick. One morning, she was sitting in a puddle of pus! We took her to the doctor and she had to be operated. Uterus had be taken out.

I tell you this story, so you know how I felt. The only positive thing was a functioning internet. So with my sick doggy on my side and many books, but no TV, I was sitting in the storm browsing and discovering the colorful world of art journaling. I spent hours and hours watching tutorials on YOU TUBE – mainly Roben-Marie Smiths tutorials. This was THE thing for me. As I have breast cancer, this is a wonderful way to get rid of my fear and pain and all kinds of feelings I do not want, but have to get along with. My inner sky brightened up, the sun started shining, birds began to sing – I was on the way to something great.

I bought myself some cheap acrylic paint, and collected leaflets and stuff at the tourist information. I started ripping, cutting, glueing and smearing colors all over the place. I was totally excited.

Back home I started an art journal  about me and my feelings. This was for me in my situation a great help. I reduced my self control a lot, I learned to let go (does not always work totally) and learned to accept what I was doing is ok. I reduced my judging on my paintings and when I don´t have the power to make a big or even a small canvas (to make it good in my opinion) I do art journaling or even better: tags. As it does not matter if it is good or not, because it is only for me! And I discovered a new energy – I wanted to paint and even meet new challenges. Joining the Daisy Yellow Group is the best thing that happened to me during the last few years. I do not think about my situation, there is little room for that now – I want to paint!!!!!

A great big thank you to Tammy for everything she does for us (I could imagine it is a lot of work) and to you all, for your interest, your kindness, your caring (sorry my vocabulary is not rich enough to express all my feelings), you are just great!! You mean so much to me!!

Now it is time for the first picture: the title of my journal. This is the first time I show it in the public…


It says: The exciting, peculiar, wonderful, thrilling journey to myself

Now this is all for today (enough talking anyway), but there will be more to come…

By the way- if you want to leave a comment, just click on something with „Kommentar(e)“, that means comment. I could not get the program to display 2 languages. Sorry.


16 Antworten zu “how I discovered art journaling

  1. What a great page!
    It is good to read that you found what is helping you – art and expressing what’s inside of you. Wishing you all the best and strength for your cancer ‚journey‘. (I believe it’s a journey – I am on such a journey too. It started out very terrifying and proofed to be very enriching as of now… Not sure if this is all perfectly expressed, as English isn’t my native language either, but to keep it all in one language on your blog, I thought I comment this way too)
    Have a nice Sunday evening 🙂

  2. Yes you are right, it is a journey, I think it is always a journey, even, when you go into your inner äh what so ever (have the same language problem, haha). With what package are you travelling? Anyway it is good to hear, that it turned out to be good for you.
    On this blog English and German will be used, because I have friends that cannot speak English.
    It was really good to hear from you, it gives me a very warm feeling!! Thanks Jana! And a wonderful Sunday evening for you too.

    • I know how it feels! (…and that’s not only a phrase.) The social part of this journey is VERY important and helpful… always made (and still makes) me feel deeply thankful.
      Mine started in 2001 – skin cancer – check up coming up soon – always dreadful feelings, still.
      But anyway – I usually look on the bright side, that’s what the whole thing taught me – never miss a day without doing that at least for a moment.
      In this sense: 🙂

      • Jana, das macht mich so betroffen, dass ich in deutsch schreiben muss. Es war ein Schock, zu lesen, dass du auch Krebs hattest. Diese check-ups gehen mir auch immer an die Nerven.
        Was ich aber bei mir und etlichen anderen Krebspatienten erlebt habe: wenn man schon sein mögliches Ende recht real durchdacht hat, wird auf einmal klar, dass es nur noch wirklich wichtige Dinge im Leben gibt. Dass es ein Leben gibt, heute, jeden Tag, solange es dauert. Und es liegt an uns es mit Qualität zu füllen. Dieses Wissen ist ein Geschenk.
        Ich drücke dich ganz fest und drücke dir ganz fest die Daumen für deinen check-up

      • Hallo Gabriele! Das alles haette ich nicht besser sagen koennen. Also fuege ich nichst hinzu sondern simply totally agree. 🙂
        Oh – oder doch noch etwas – super klasse finde ich schon, wie man sich so treffen kann – dass das moeglich ist und funktionert weiss ich sehr zu schaetzen. Ich freu‘ mich schon auf einen lanegn Austausch 🙂
        Hugs to you too (oder ‚Kram!‘ auf schwedisch)!!! Hab‘ einen schoenen Tag.

      • Ich habe meinen Post nochmal gelesen und da hat sich doch ein wichtiges Wörtchen weggeschlichen. Nämlich es reduziert sich auf WENIGE wichtige Dinge. Aber du hast es ja eh kapiert.
        Kram finde ich sehr witzig. Austausch ist toll, aber vielleicht per Mail? Was meinst du?

  3. It is amazing how simple movement of color, play of words, intermingling of ideas… how this all impacts our mind and our body and improves our world and our outlook. Congratulations to you for taking the steps needed to actually get the paint and paper. The energy to put your paint out on the table. And create. When you don’t feel well, these are all such huge accomplishments. Cheers!

    • I found out, there are mostly ways to do even little things, like tags and so on. Once we get away from our must-program and just let it be, we will be able to do more of
      the things we want. And only those. It is my decision – and that gives me a lot more freedom. Even the freedom to say no.It is a good thing my way crossed yours.

  4. I know exactly what you mean Gabriele. I had a very tough year last year and actually attempted to end it. Art journalling and especially finding Tammy’s Daisy yellow has helped me immensley. It gives me a focus and helps me to stay in the moment. Thank you for sharing your story. 🙂

    • Lynn, thank you for your comment. Yes I am also very happy with the daisy yellow group and of course Tammy. It showed us, that we all have a lot to give and there is more beautiful ideas and growth inside, which is worth looking at. So let it out! I started to share my art journal hoping it could show a way and possibility to get along with hm, not so nice situations. I wish you all the best and a lot of sunshine on your ways.

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